Patterns, Volume 2: A Coloring Book

It’s been almost three years since Patterns, Volume 1: A Coloring Book by April Martinez was first published, but the sequel is finally out! It’s called — wait for it, wait for it — Patterns, Volume 2: A Coloring Book by April Martinez. You’d never guess, huh?

In honor of its release, the first volume got a little makeover, so if you have a first edition sporting a blue band on the cover and all interior illustrations filling the pages out to the edges, count yourself lucky! All illustrations in the second edition are now contained in a bordered frame, about half an inch from the edges of the page, with the cover done up as a perfect match for the second volume.

Speaking of the second volume, there is a slight mistake in the new coloring book. Probably no one else will notice it, but you can bet authors always notice their own mistakes, and this author is admitting to having published one before catching it. If you can find that mistake and point it out, you’ll get a nice surprise. What that surprise is hasn’t been determined yet, but it will likely be a free copy of the third book when it comes out or access to some free coloring pages.

And yes, a third coloring book is in the planning stages. You can count on it! It’s either that, or do an audiobook version of the first coloring book, and guess which one will be more likely.

Okay, so stay tuned — more will be on the way soon. Thanks for stopping by!